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We are 5 female artists of different ages, all of whom lost a loved one in 2021. Together we have started this inclusive project where we have interpreted each other's works in different artistic expressions. The project touches on the essence of life and grief, in connection with creative creation.

The exhibition is about how a crisis or loss is not something that heals and then "passes over", but which through a process develops from something to something else. Like a caterpillar that becomes a pupa and then a butterfly.

Our starting points have been processing grief through creative creation, inclusion, community and courage. We want to invite you to an opportunity for conversation about what it means to be human, no matter how crooked or complex life may seem.

Malin Nylén has created all physical works in her process the previous year, is the initiator of the project and project manager. Alexandra JS has written poetry for all the works based on her interpretations, taken all the pictures, made the website, written the invitation and been a project manager together with Malin. Shirin Raouf has lent her voice for recordings of poetry and been a creative advisor. Nina Zacco has interpreted the works by choreographing a dance number together with her dancers at the end of the exhibition. Emy Sjöblom has been a digital content creator, filmed all moving material and given our project wings in the social media universe.

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